"As an independent designer, providing web, photographic and print publishing, E-Designs help individual, small business, and nonprofit organizations with development in providing world wide exposure."

- Kristin Elliott


E-Designs brings together artful design that is both custom and functional to meet your project needs and budget.  With each of our clients we emphasize that “if you dream it, we will build it” and it is truly our goal to create a superior product, while bringing your vision to life. Learn more about the services of web, photographic and print publishing a long with what you can expect during the design process.  E-Designs welcomes all inquires, click here to begin your own project or request more information.


The following highlights the design process during the creation of your project.  This process may vary as each web, photographic and print publishing is taken on as a completely new and specialized venture.

- Each project begins with a one-on-one interview, which will continue through out the development process, to access needs, vision and cost for the project.


- All materials, content, photos and clipart are compiled to edit and organize.  During web development, this well-organized content is used build your site with an emphasis of a user-friendly environment.

- As your design features, page and general layouts are created, you will become an important asset in the development.  With input and suggestions, your vision will be molded to create a high quality product that is both visually appealing and functional.

- Upon completed development, your project will be published for world wide exposure.  For web development this includes publishing to the world wide web.  With Photography and print publishing this includes final file delivery via email or CD.


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