"As an independent designer, providing web, photographic and print publishing, E-Designs help individual, small business, and nonprofit organizations with development in providing world wide exposure."

- Kristin Elliott


E-Designs has been creating artful designs over the past five years.  Take a look at some of our work with web, photographic and print projects.  E-Designs welcomes all inquires, click here to begin your own project or request more information.

Trail Dynamics Website (Upcoming)
1 This well established business has already ventured to the web, however, this project will develop a more comprehensive and updated site. This interactive and informational tool, will educate visitors on the many facets of Trail Dynamics.
Columbia Music Festival Association Website (August 2007)
1 With the request for a new look and complete re-design, this project will create a website for use as an informational tool to audiences who would like to learn more about the affiliate programs, events and volunteer opportunities of the Columbia Music Festival Association.

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Harrell's Bicycle World Website (July 2007)
1 As a completely new venture, Harrell's Bicycle World is now taking on a web-based dimension. A resource for knowledge, selection, events and other riders, this site aims to help consumers fulfill their cycling needs interactively online.


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Lezlee Elliott Website (January 2007)
1 As a new domain, www.lezleelliott.com intends to bring audiences closer look her work. Interactive buttons were used to stimulate users as they travel through her portfolio of design, digital illustration, photography and fine art.


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Carolina Ballet Website (November 2006)
1 With an already established domain and site, Carolina Ballet requested this project as a complete renovation.  The entire site, look and feel, has been revived creating a fresh user-friendly environment for audiences seeking information on the ballet, involvement, support and current season. To view Carolina Ballet's renovation progress, please visit them at www.carolinaballet.net.
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Center for Dance Education Website (August 2005)
1 With an expectation of increasing audience base and supplementing current consumers, the Center for Dance Education has expanded to the web, www.cdestudios.org.  This site is being used as an informational tool; creating a resource which houses up-to-date news from the studio, registration and enrollment information, current class schedules, summer camp information, master class registration and other informative topics.
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AR101 E-Manual Website (March 2004)
1 With a need for an intranet based tool, this project developed a resource that new and current employees could use. Housing everything from shortcuts and tips to general software, department and company based system tools, this resource gives step-by-step instructions and how-to's.


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