"As an independent designer, providing web, photographic and print publishing, E-Designs help individual, small business, and nonprofit organizations with development in providing world wide exposure."

- Kristin Elliott


E-Designs has been creating artful designs over the past five years.  Take a look at some of our work with web, photographic and print projects.  E-Designs welcomes all inquires, click here to begin your own project or request more information.

Center for Dance Education Print Publishing (November 2006)
1 Ad - This project, at the request of the Center for Dance Education, creates a two-part advertiser. The first of these is a full page, black and white, playbill ad. This ad utilizes pictures taken by e-designs at their recent photo shoot. As well, this ad is used to give audiences general information about the studios, classed and contact information.
1 Ad Insert - This ad insert accompanied the playbill ad, as a colorful coupon. The ad, again, utilizes pictures taken by e-designs at their recent photo shoot. Both ad and ad insert were created with a clean contemporary look. This insert also reiterates some of the basic studio and class information.
Columbia Music Festival Association Print Publishing (September 2006)
1 Brochure – In an effort to provide materials to audiences visiting or requesting information from the Columbia Music Festival Association (CMFA), through this project a brochure, highlighting CMFA’s major areas of interest, was created.  This brochure also brought about the fresh new look CMFA will be using both on print and web published materials.
Center for Dance Education Print Publishing (July 2005)
1 Brochures – With a need for an updated look and new resources, this project established three brochures for the Center for Dance Education.  These tri-fold brochures included an Enrollment Guide, Teacher Apprentice Guide, and Financial Aid Guide.  Uniform by basic design, each of these brochures was created as a functional resource used to answer a parents question and efficiently register students.
1 Forms – In addition to the brochures, CDE also requested new enrollment forms.  This form was recreated with the users in mind making it easier for the parents, who were registering their child, and the staff, that was entering this information into a database.
Center for Dance Education Print Publishing (November 2004)
1 Ad Insert – This project was to create an attractive ad for use as a program insert.   With this publication, audiences learned basic knowledge of the CDE Summer Camps and also received a $20 discount.  This ad was a success, as the response brought many new student inquiries and registrations.


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