"As an independent designer, providing web, photographic and print publishing, E-Designs help individual, small business, and nonprofit organizations with development in providing world wide exposure."

- Kristin Elliott


E-Designs has been creating artful designs over the past five years.  Take a look at some of our work with web, photographic and print projects.  E-Designs welcomes all inquires, click here to begin your own project or request more information.

Swank 2006 (November 2006)
1 As a supporter of the Swank 2006, this event was held in the Pisgah National Forest. Capturing the race day glory and pains, these photos were produced for the racers. The picture gallery for this event is available beginning Saturday, November 11, 2006.


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Monster Lobster Family Event (September 2006)
1 This project was used to capture the friends and family attending the Monster Lobster. These picture memories will be used by the family as a way of photo sharing.


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Tobacco Free for Life Challenge 2006 Photography (September 2006)
1 As a volunteer at the Tobacco Free for Life Challenge, this project aimed to photographically document the 2006 ride. Upon completion of the 2006 ride, organizers and participants will be able to view and download these pictures. The picture gallery for this event will be available, Tuesday, October 3, 2006.


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Center for Dance Education Photography (July 2006)
1 The Center for Dance Education (CDE) initiated this project to update their photo gallery with new dancers, varied age groups, posed and spontaneous shots.  These photos have been integrated through out the CDE website and other brochures produced by E-Designs.
Jonathon LaRoy Mountain Bike Photography (July 2006)
1 This project, at the request of Jonathon LaRoy, was used to photographically document his bike and riding style, while riding the trail of Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Forest in North Carolina.  These pictures were taken for the purpose of further publication, through web and print.


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